Fewer Emergencies


"Promising to provide innovative and unusual drama, the Weird Sisters certainly did not disappoint on a superb stage debut ... powerful, probing and profound."

Henry Ascoli, New Life Magazines [Review]

"The Weird Sisters have given us a fascinating interpretation of this collection of plays ... their performance brings it to life in a completely new and inventive way."

Michaela Clement-Hayes, West End Wilma 4* [Review]

Critical Response

"We should soon be hearing much more of Weird Sisters Theatre, who provided the finest revival of a modern play in this year’s Brighton Fringe. It’s some of the best ensemble acting I’ve encountered ... these three superb performers don’t miss one of [Crimp's] beats, keep up a furious comic pitch, and - crisply individuated - combine pathos in curtain-call songs to keep out the death of children"

Simon Jenner, Poet, Brighton May 2015

“If you haven’t yet seen the Weird Sisters in Fewer Emergencies by Martin Crimp I urge you to do so. It’s as tight a piece of theatre as you will see. The cast have taken a challenging, poetic script and elevated it off the page with great skill. Their multi layered interpretation gently guides you through three narratives which lull you into a comfortable sense of order and suddenly without warning yank you in a different direction leaving you by turns breathless with laughter or rigid with shock. The decision to frame the stories with three omniscient puppet-master scriptwriters struggling to articulate their stories is an intelligent device that serves to mirror our own inability to always make sense of the world around us. Their faltering construction of worlds and characters in flux keeps us constantly in the moment and immersed in events that are universal and profoundly relevant today. If you can't see their final performance at the Guildford Festival then I urge you to see them in action in their next run in Camden.”

Denise Cassar, Writer, Guildford July 2015.

"Delighted and thrilled with what I saw or rather experienced. Three authors in search of a story...the plot and characters creating themselves as they go and we the audience soaking it all up by the process of osmosis which made for highly inventive and innovative theatre. This is theatre as I like it...that grabs you by the neck and shakes you so that all your thoughts fall out in your hands and you look at them amazed. Theatre that watches you as you watch it and changes you...for the better. I am not the same person I was when I came in. And that ending with the key dangling and the story left dangling in our imaginations just waiting for our minds to catch up and start creating for ourselves. Leaving us with a palpable palpitating ellipsis. . . The Sisters took my mind by storm and I staggered out into the night...trying to catch my next train...of thought. Best line: "...what he's losing in blood...he's gaining in confidence..."

Donall Dempsey, Poet, Camden August 2015

Weird Sisters "Pop up" at Guildford Fringe


We'll be taking Fewer Emergencies on the road again soon, so keep coming back for updates.